Oneida Language Revitalization Project

Redesign of the Oneida Language Revitalization Project website for the Oneida Nation and the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Oneida Language department with co-worker Benjamin Buhr.


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The Oneida Language Font

The written Oneida language has several unique characters. The most troublesome of which is a question mark without a dot. There is no Unicode equivalent with which to substitute. Other characters not typically found in most available fonts include a lowercase style alpha, a smaller than normal median line dot, and lowercase "a", "e", and "i" with accent marks tilted to the right. A special font was developed that swaps characters not used in the Oneida alphabet with these unique characters. This allows non-technical users to write documents without learning Unicode key combinations and with CSS’s import font feature it can now be viewed online without requiring the end user to install the font locally.

The Css


The question mark with out the dot is rendered with the equals sign, the lowercase alpha is rendered with the a high bar, and the a, e, and i with the right tilted accent marks are rendered with the at symbol, the hash symbol, and dollar sign. The equals sign renders a median line dot that traditionally smaller then what is provided in most fonts.

Tab Examples

The Learning the Oneida Language page is where students and visitors would be directed to find and explore learning materials that is orginized by difficulty level. The Learning Materials page is where the educators would be directed to quickly find material based subject which is then secondarily sorted by difficulty level. Both pages use the same code. On the learning page it produces the horizontal tabs and on the materials page it produces the sidebar index.