Learning the Oneida Language

What's here?

The material here is to help you learn the Oneida language. The basic tool is a set of lessons. The lessons are organized by level:

The levels are also organized by topics so you can learn to talk about things such as food, the weather, nature, people, household items, etc. The lessons are written out as text but many contain sound accessible as separate downloads (mp3 files) or by clicking on items in the text (sound imbedded in pdf files).

Language learning typically involves lots of practice and the lessons have lots of practice material:

  • Sounds - Words spoken in mp3 format
  • Posters – some are printable and others can be viewed electronically with sound
  • Videos –
  • Games –
  • Real eBooks – online illustrated readers
  • Flashcards – some are printable and others can be used online

Many of the lessons have separate lesson plans. These were designed for teachers but may be useful for learners as well. Some of the lesson plans were designed for families learning the language together. There are also assessment tools to measure mastery of the lessons.

What kind of learner are you?

If you don't know much about the language, you might want to click on Explore above and learn about some interesting features of the language.

If your aim is to speak conversationally, you might want to go through the lessons in order. The levels are cumulative.

If you want to be able to talk about certain topics or learn to use the language in certain situations, you might want to target particular topic areas in the lessons.

If you are trying to master good pronunciation, you should imitate the sound files as much as possible.

If you like to learn by doing, then act out what you see in the videos or play the games.

If you're trying to help others learn, then check out the lesson plans and assessment tools.

If you already know some Oneida, you might want to learn from stories and other materials by clicking on Archive above.